Firenze - Mother's Day

A thought to the one that gives us a thousand thoughts.

A mother is born with her child and with him she grows, she learns and she gets old.

Thanks to her child, a mother reaches unknown destinations, high peaks, new scents and never seen colors even in the brightest rainbow. An important day to celebrate the most natural and incredible human bond at the same time.

In the language of flowers, many of them carry a message of love.

Among them the Rose can speak about love to everybody using a universal language. Just like a mother can do.

Stresa - Women's Day

March 8 is the International Women’s Day, full of values, meanings and intentions. In the colorful flower world, mimosa was chosen to symbolize this celebration in Italy. With its shining yellow color, when inserted, the mimosa therefore excelles in every floral composition giving the whole an immediate character and message. The line of STRESA created for the day of the Women’s day is presented in beautiful bag and boxes covered of fabric.

The gentle shades of pink and mauve are combined with cream and soft yellow and leave room for the brightness of the golden yellow of the mimosa.

Verona - Valentine's day

The month of February gives the world one of the most celebrated days of the year. It is the day for lovers and love, when magically, in a single day, an infinite number of hearts, flowers and chocolates is exchanged in  many places of the world!

The stylistic choice of this line dedicated to Valentine’s Day was to give priority to  Red Rose, symbol  of Love, and therefore  the only flower offered in the main proposals of this line. The other elements combined with roses in the remaining have been chosen to enhance Red Rose’s charme