Have a simple look at an image of lavender and a fresh and perfumed sensation soon will fill you. When you think of lavender, of  flowering fields and purple colored meadows, you instinctively think of Provence. However, even our regions of Northern Italy are rich in this flower of purple gold that intensely inebriates sight and air. Lavender therefore deserves to be the star of a line by Rita dei Fiori.

Nemi - Easter

Yellow, Orange, Rose, Blue… It’s Spring time …It’s Easter.

The Nemi  spring line is designed to highlight the joyful voice of these colors that in a single choir can give the most festive wishes. The atmosphere of Easter is soon in the air with the compositions of this spring line.

Nemi - Easter

This spring line performs Easter with soft and chic nuances. The arrangements are festive but very elegant at the same time.

The olive branches convey the classic message of peace as well as the insertion of the light colored glass eggs gently recalls the tradition of Easter eggs.