Rita Florist Design

The beauty of flowers, the authenticity of Made in Italy


Florist Design

Rita means enthusiasm in making every situation convivial and in guesting.
Every person is unique; she can translate this concept
into personalised present made-up with an endless imagination.
She easily remembers her guests favourite colours as well as their favourite wine.
Her motto is: ‘it’s never enough the time you spend caring about details’.

``Imagination, craft, creativity, home décor, attention to details``

Commitment, dedication and passion travel together to overtake the tiredness needed to reach amazing results. Happy guests make happy worker.
If you get the chance to see her flowers arrangements you can easily agree with the above statement.
Her work is a marriage of imagination, craft, creativity, home décor, attention to details and love in making personalised gifts.
That’s why you should consider her creations to make your occasions unique and specials.

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``One of the most attractive things about the flowers is their beautiful reserve.``

Henry David Thoreau


Not just food, not just fashion.
Made in Italy and Italian taste are now expressed in floral arrangements.
It is Rita’s signature, on which she wishes to go beyond italian borders, offering her creations all over the world.
The artificial materials are carefully selected to offer a unique and iconic product. Make either your table, your wedding, your home, your gift or your boutique elegant!

The floral beauty you were looking for


Each floral composition is a unique work realised by Rita’s creative hands. She uses her amazing dexterity and craft, in order to offer her customers an original product, which will be lasting in time.