Green is usually the background colour for Christmas. But it can easily starring out when used in one of its brightest shades. Thanks to the softness of the original nuances of its elements, the Lavaredo collection  stands out for its delicate refinement. And so we have a traditional and new Christmas living together.


Christmas is always pictured with red and gold colours. They are the great classics of Christmas that means first of all traditions, warmth, indulgent memories. The Merano collection will be always the right one for a traditional Christmas décor style.


The innate elegance of white colour together with the magic of the snow, create the fairy-tale atmosphere of Christmas. The touches of red are very light, just to enhance the candour of the  chic and tasteful collection Ortisei. A fairy-tale effect which will inspire for sure everyone.


A different way to think “It’s Christmas”. The attractive and cheerful decorations of Volpedo collection are actually inspired by the  iconic  red and white Christmas colours, but in a funny slighter style. Cans have a vintage taste  and together with white wicker  remind the happiness and vivacity of Christmas season.